01 novembre 2009

RBMK-1000 "Pripyat"

full lenght
November 2009, cd-r

Ltd. 20 copies
pictures on cardboard
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The italian experimental noise project RBMK-1000 was born in 2009 after Stefano Siteni, Using A Cold Knife percussionist deeply fascinated by nuclear eingineering,  decided to translate in music his interests concerning the Chernobyl disaster. RBMK-1000’s “Pripyat” is the manifestation of this affection, but this work is not to be a concept through which venting obsessions or dealing with anxiety (as UCK’s industrial aesthetics was), and it has really nothing to do with these: “Pripyat” is not and industrial work.
live w/ UCK at
Sans Papiers

Roma, Sept. 2009
Through the use of samples, voice reverse mode and a massive use of electronics beside conventional (drums and cymbals) and unconventional percussions (metals, plastic barrels and all that can be beaten), the album appears as something totally cold: it has been conceived as the rapid spreading of something unnatural and it lacks of a definite shape. The short songs (only one is over 4 minutes, the remaining ones are about 3 minutes each) don’t present anything similar to a musical structure. “Pripyat” is rapid and undefined as only a radioactive genetic mutation can be, it’s noisy and confused as a NPP can sound. At the same time the inclusion of 1986’s ukrainian and italian news, supermarket sounds and voices and ukrainian nursery rhymes refers to the collective imaginary concerning Chernobyl that still affects all the world.
Actually RBMK-1000 is conceiving a new album to be totally realized through unconventional percussions and he’s finally entered as vocalist in the black metal band Inverno Nucleare.