26 febbraio 2011

GSS / Dyskinesia
"Stay depressed
kill yourself"
split tape
February 2011, c40

Ltd. 20 numbered copies
pictures on cardboard
photo taken from the Otis Archive on Flickr
cost 3 € - SOLD OUT

side one
Sgarbi Electronic Mafia

Gioventù Suicida Studentesca (literally “Suicidal Student Youth”) is the pseudonym behind which Emanuele Ratti proposes death-industrial sound since 2007. Side-project of Emanuele’s Aethere (dark ambient one-man-project active for a long time), GSS dissociates from past dark, melancholy and intimate atmospheres and evidently undergoes Brighter Death Now influence: GSS deals with “tragic” themes but always within a contemptuous humor, half way between amusement and disillusion. So, beside classic themes concerning blood of innocent (“Anna Maria Franzoni on Italia1”), GSS highlights the italian culture of TV personalities (“Sgarbi electronic mafia”), sometimes giving “voice” to ethical broad themes, as the case of euthanasia (“Welby mon amour”).

2010, Turin
Regio Manicomio
We can say GSS' composition begins by external influence: there are no songs inspired by personal feelings, and no song is totally independent from what occurs in society. Each song is build on the basis of interviews, talk shows, dialogues found on the net or on TV and stolen from social life.

In “Sgarbi Electronic Mafia” GSS translates to music an example of the big italian TV “political” brawls: fake provocateur and TV character, Vittorio Sgarbi’s screams are sampled and mixed with talk show applauses sounds and other TV dialogues. The violence of Sgarbi’s appearances in talk shows (but that’s just an example of the extended violence that in general appears on TV) is here emphasized through a continuous deep and heavy electronic percussion, both with a slowly growing of background raw noise and keyboard atmosphere that brings the end of the song to an overload of sound, while the rhythm of TV sample increases more and more.

Half between Brighter Death Now and Genocide Organ, GSS’ music style has a particular attention for arrangement, probably because Emanuele’s experience feels the effects of his long time playing in a anything but minimal dark ambient project. In 2007 the mini album “Lovely happy Italy”, out with the Desert Factory (Japan), wanted to be a presentation of GSS’ sound. In April 2011 is expected the first full length “Musiche per un Popolo all’Ultimo Grido”, to be released by Desert Factory in 500 copies. Another split with Cain Arbour (power electronics from Turin, Italy) is actually under construction, next to the planning of a new GSS’ full length.

side two
Disturbo disintegrativo dell'infanzia

Dyskinesia was born in the end of 2006 as a stoner-doom band composed of double guitars and drums. With this line-up the band release its first full length “Live in Prypiat” through the label Varjot Prodoctions (Finland). In 2008 the line up reaches five members (double guitar, drums, bass and vocals): the band decides to quit with the classic stoner-doom sound of “Live in Prypiat” and gives birth to “Dyskinesia” (out through the italian label Frohike Records in 2009), where guitar feedbacks and overloaded effects, variable drums playing, distorted bass line and vocals over-reverberation create songs dense of  obsessive and choking atmospheres that sometimes slowly brings you to a climax of real music explosion.
2009, Turin, Regio Manicomio
Once started, experimentation doesn’t stop: in 2009 is out the split with the Italian noise project Corpoparassita (also released by Frohike Records in 2009) where Dyskinesia proposes two noise tracks, in which compact bass riffs, repetitive (but never stock) drums rhythms, alienating screams and heavy guitar distortions (“Ipogeo”) meets the slow and experimental sound climax (“La formica di Langton”) already seen in “Dyskinesia” but where the past music explosion give way to a very deep noise sound.

Mindful of the just passed noise experience, “Disturbo disintegrativo dell’infanzia” starts with a continuous and repetitive raw guitar riff: next to this constant drive appear sporadic percussion shots, long screaming vocals and distorted bass line. The appearance of a clean and melodic guitar note progressively transforms the song to a slow and alienated ballad, but just to conclude again with a noise sound where drums and guitar solos show all their aggression before the unavoidable end.

Dyskinesia’s sound is strong influenced by Mono and Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s post-rock music met with a free sound experimentation: that brought the band to deal with genres as noise, power noise, rock and trip-hop. Dyskinesia are characterized by a continuous sound researching and by a process of musical composition that doesn’t want to meet any limit.

Actually the band is working to create new sound material to use in different projects still under construction. In 2011 is expected the releasing of “Dalla nascita”, new full length out with Frohike Records.