23 giugno 2011

Gli anni passati da soli non saranno mai restituiti

June 2011, cd-r

Ltd. 40 hand-numbered copies
pictures on cardboard and black cloth
cost 10.00 €

01 Interzona                            
02 Cortesie per gli ospiti              
03 Crocefisso al palo del telegrafo     
04 Osterman                             
05 Lettera aperta agli usurai
06 Checca
07 Make them die slowly
08 Nell'occhio
09 Tredici
10 Gli anni passati da solo non saranno mai restituiti

from LCB blogspot:
LE COSE BIANCHE was born in the first months of 2009 in Arezzo (Italy), after some free live-electronics sessions. Son and heir of former music experiences in the ambient-industrial sphere, L.C.B. has a one and unique figure as a father. His strong passion for sound extremism, for experimentation, for audio manipulation, and especially his bond with the precursors of the genre bring him to the urge of exploring musical paths and corners which are free from any rational or stilysh chain.