25 febbraio 2012

"Disturbi elettromagnetici legati alla presenza di Dio nella corrente elettrica"

February 2012, cd-r

Ltd. 40 hand-numbered copies
pictures on cardboard
artwork by U235

cost 7€

Nascitari’s opera has frequently been connected to sacred dimension of rituals. His research about a metaphysical dimension contained in noise music was already present years ago, when the artist investigated self-generated noise sounds as attestation of a superior Presence, an “uncontrollable and inexplicable source of sound” in electricity:

“Electric instruments generate casual phenomena in which the performer has not possibility to execute any sound control: in these cases, it is possible to perceive an unexpected source of sound. This source is present in the system’s disturbance, but it’s subjected to non-laws of the Uncertainty Principle: because of this, I relate this source to the presence of “God”, where this word identifies an unknown and obscure force (even if each track title derives from Gnosticism)”

First three tracks of Distrubi elettromagnetici legati alla presenza di Dio nella corrente elettrica, created in 2009, refer to this investigation in an “experimental” way, with all the implications of this term:

“I recorded the first track, Figlio-Fase, working with an akai tape recorder’s coil, and using an old tape recorder with a built-in mic I recited some electrical formulas mixed with prayers. Second track, Padre-Terra, has a ritual function: the source of sounds I used were an old TV, radio and a burning piece of cotton soaked with alcohol, all connected to a guitar effect, in order to generate casual disturbances. In the third track, Spirito-Neutro, I wanted to catch but also send invisible signals, so I recited in a transceiver some words taken from a breviary, modifying the key-words and always mixing with electrical formulas.”

Staring At Wall Fest
2011, Torino, Italy
Anyway, after some years a more violent and nihilist concept took place, and Nascitari’s turned to what we can call “funeral HNW”: Portatore di luce, last track of the album, celebrates artist’s proximity to “a state of apparent death” through a visceral sound that only HNW permits to create:

“I left my relics sounds to enter a dimension of total isolation and minimalism. I created my first Wall in 2010 to celebrate my funeral”

Nascitari has recently gave birth to is own label, Claustrophilia, focusing exclusively on Harsh Noise Wall.