28 settembre 2011

Nundata / C.P.B.
Colonel XS / Placenta Lyposuction

September 2011, 2x cd-r

Ltd. 30 hand-numbered copies
pictures on raw cardboard
artwork by Andrea Grieco

cost 11€

"Monolithic Space Station" - contact

Sounds used in tracks are recorded on a train somewhere in the north of Serbia. Sounds recorded with small microcassette recorder, then transfered into computer where they were played as they were synth tones. Everything was played live - no loops.

"Moke Destruction Of Something Beautiful And False" - contact

Registered and mixed to the MikeStudio in January 2011. All noise was played by R. Thanks to Lady Gaga for the inspiration... let's start dancing on LSD in a roll of barbed wire.

"Lost In Time" - contact

Stratification of three different monoaural tracks (left, center, right) first un-structured and then re-semanticised in a a-rythmic structure. Time stratching. Sounds and waves perceptive modification through the abuse of digital eextreme technologies and manipulation of mistaken downloads.

"[27:36]" - contact

Recorded in May 28, 2011 by Harold Gojani in Rovinj, Croatia.
 NUNDATA - monolithic space station (excerpt) by scorzerecords 
 C.P.B. - Moke destruction of something beautiful and false by scorzerecords 
 Colonel XS - Lost in Time (excerpt) by scorzerecords 
 PLACENTA LYPOSUCTION - [27.36] (excerpt) by scorzerecords

split special edition with artwork card by Andrea Grieco: signed and limited to  6 numbered copies, 6€ each + shipping. Few copies left!