21 maggio 2011

Inverno Nucleare
demo tape
May 2011, c30

Ltd. 20 handnumbered copies
picture on cardboard
cost 3.50 €

a1 il supplizio di Tantalo
a2 una sola cosa col Nulla
a3 fine del vivente
a4 il culto di Charun
a5 fuoco fatuo
a6 II
b1 inverno nucleare
b2 Criseide

The idea of Inverno Nucleare is to propose a raw black metal sound, turning far away from heavy metal classic rules and then introducing a minimalist approach closer to punk-hardcore school with all its implications: simple, effective and heavy guitar riffs accompanied with strong percussions and screamed voice. The lyrics are frequently involved with the theme of myth, seen as an essential but forgotten element in the cynical world of modern mankind, devoid of its past roots and closer than ever to a tragic, announced and forthcoming epilogue.