30 novembre 2010

I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles

split tape
November 2010, c60

Ltd. 18 numbered copies
pictures on cardboard
handmade tape decoration
pictures by IDOHBT
Cost 5 euros - SOLD OUT


side one
Diaries Of A Drug Mule
I Was Raised Drinking Water From The Detroit River

RedSK live at Hayloft Liquor Stand
MT Clemens (MI), 2009
Patrick started his musical experience with DJ’ing: after several years of “terrible shitcore music”, he decided to progressively turn to experimental noise, and among 2005-2006 the noise project “RedSK” started. It takes some years before Patrick decided to take the project seriously: also involved in a lot of side projects, alter-aliases and collaborative groups, RedSK has actually released hundred works all around the world, involving various DIY labels and collaborating with a lot of artists. Moreover, RedSK performed in a lot of live performances in the area of Detroit, Michigan.

The songs appearing in this release are the proof of the different musical forms RedSK can be involved in: after the brief “Constipation”, performed using just improvised guitar notes, the sound turn to dynamic and never boring harsh noises (“Diaries Of A Drug Mule”), next to which simple and percussive samples give rhythm to the song. The side ends with a psychedelic song (“I Was Raised Drinking Water From The Detroit River”), where harsh noise leaves room for a more introspective and continuative sound, manipulated with reverb and delay effects.

Actually Patrick runs the DIY label “TRASHFUCK Records”: Each release is assembled by hand in limited run quantities and put up for download after they sell out.

side two
Gunrunning Speedfreak
Polly Magoo

After an experience with digital noise, in 2009 Markus’ project “I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles” started perform analog harsh noise. First IDOHBT recording was realized using microphone, Casio keyboard and guitar amplifier, but the most recent setup sees the presence of mixer and few distortion pedals beside which sometimes appears guitar, keyboard and mic’d junk. IDOHBT’s influences goes from the early Japanese noise scene to Harsh Noise and Power Electronics, with no attention for a particular noise artist: IDOHBT is influenced by the scene as a whole.

 “Gunrunning Speedfreak”, first song of this split, is all incentrate on harsh noise tones modulation, beside which delay effect gives dynamicity to the sound that continuously get higher or lower, without any rule. The last two songs (“Polly Maggoo” and “Vomit”), which both see the presence of sounds extracted by external sources, reveals a more aggressive and dirty sound, but always in a dynamic and unpredictable way: the noise is here performed in order to create a solid basis on which install feedbacks and overloads.

By the end of 2010 Markus started the side project Jane Cutter, under which he allows himself to increase his experimental taste, also including the unforgotten digital elements.