26 aprile 2011

Al Qaeda / Ragnor
split tape
April 2011, c40

Ltd. 20 handnumbered copies
picture on cardboard
photo by Antonio Iorio
cost 3.50 €

side A
Windows Peak

Samples, repeatitions, re iterative deep percussions and  infinite cymbals sounds, manipulated lyrics. 
AL QAEDA live at Stork Club (CA)
March 6th, 2010
Californian trio Al Qaeda proposes in “Windows Peak” a collage of different sounds realized in different ways, approaching more “rock” guitar part with noise soundscapes, nonsense lyrics, passing from relaxed atmospheres to very  aggressive parts of overloading deep frequencies with screaming voice, and still to electronic sounds. The result is a chaotic track about twenty minutes long, during which your attention is continuously captured by the sudden changes. Scott, Eric and Erin leverage all their different influences, sublimating and reorganizing them, walking in a way totally different from each personal experience that come out as the summa of each one's past experience and music taste.

side B
Codex Decium
Fjellets Taarer
Han Som Hoorer Deg

Ragnor is a black metal band currently seated between Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain). Founded by guitarist Khorne (Aleksander K.) in June 2007, initially was created simply as a solo project. 

RAGNOR live at
Unholy Blackthrashed Night I
(Barcelona, Janyary 14th, 2011)

Still, in 2008 Overlord (David B.) joined the formation, and within months they made their first demo "Hat og Nag", 4 songs, composed and recorded by both members equally, focusing Khorne on the compositions and Overlord and the vocals. 
After the demo was released, the project had been inactive, and it was not until the summer of 2010 when Khorne decided to rise the project again, this time as a band of 5 members. 
Thus was born the new band as it currently is, in June joined Angrod (Alvaro) on drums and Arioth (Sergio) on bass. September arrived, seeing the need for a stable vocal concerts already scheduled, Deimos entered as a vocalist. And finally Nargath (Jordi Padilla) came as a guitarist in December, honestly and at the time that the band needed him most. With this latest addition to the band managed to make their first concerts in Barcelona, and even outside Spain. Finally in March 2011 joined Abaddon (Nefret, Infernal Kingdom) on vocals and prepare to release their first official album as a band.


 RAGNOR - Codex Decium by scorzerecords