24 maggio 2011

Alda Teodorani presents Quindici Desideri

May 2011
CD + Book + postcard in DVD case
cost 10 € + shipping

Quindici Desideri (Fifteen Desires) is an audio art book: a collection of erotic stories by Alda Teodorani translated in three languages (English, French, German) and illustrated by the creativity of fifteen underground artists.
Furthermore, a cd with fifteen songs played by fifteen bands accompanying the voice of the writer, an experimental matchingbetween words and sounds of different musical genres. A stately collective project, involving more than seventy people all overItaly: musicians, artists, graphic designers, translators, audio-engineers.
Everyone giving his own competence and passion for a multisensorial publication, co-produced by twenty editors and indipendent labels.
Dvd case - booklet of 48 pages with texts translated in three languages - 15 illustrations - cd with 15 tracks of unpublishedmusic - a surprise postcard with one of the fifteen illustrations.

Illustrazioni di 

Traduzioni di 
Gabriele Melogli, Patryck Ficini, Riccardo Sciciò, Alessandra Ferrara

Copertina e impaginazione 
Gian Nicola Maestro