23 marzo 2011

Sexterminator 69 / autocancrena
"Fattura a morte con il sistema di putrefazione"

split tape
March 2011

Limited 20 hand-numbered copies double external cover on white cloth + handmade tape decoration
pictures by Sexterminator69
cost 4.50 € - SOLD OUT

side a
"Essenza del nichilismo"

Satanism, violence, flesh extreme tumors. These are just few of the main visions through which Andrea Laurenti takes inspiration to create the raw harsh noise atmospheres under the pseudonym Sexterminator 69. No live shows, no public appearances: these sounds are not made to be diffused in crowded places. Sexterminator’s music, always released in limited copies for underground labels, take you to the bottom, permitting you to touch with your own hand the filth of your world. Already known for his grindcore band Bukkake Violence Kommando, in which Andrea still plays drums, since 2009 Sexterminator 69 approach to noise in a minimal way, using different guitar effects and a mixer. The result is perfect to embody Andrea’s interests: secret societies, ritual graves desecration, extreme websites, and among them the Mexican magazine Alarma!. Sexterminator 69’s world is filled by these kind of images his music faithfully represents.

side b
"Eiaculazione psichica parte I-III"

On the other side, autocancrena’s atmospheres are conceived as a journey through which the present writer (Lorenzo Chiarofonte) tries to recognize his own secret pulsions. Cathartic, disturbing and psychedelic, I tried to give a soundtrack to a masturbation act, slowly increasing and at least liberating: field recordings, subliminal sex messages, loops, dark or harsh atmosphere are always focused on a specific target. Here individual psychosis can be released without permission, without apology. Common morality is abolished, the individual tries to take control and to face his own subconscious. The battle is lost, the istinct takes control. Take cover.