30 ottobre 2010

Vol. 1
recorded live at Contr'Aria
October 2010, c40

Ltd. 20 numbered copies
pictures on cardboard
handmade tape painting
artwork by Francesca Albarello
cost 3 € - SOLD OUT

OJODORO live session at Spazio Contr'Aria (MI)
April 2010
Ojodoro. Ojo d'oro. As: “golden eye” in Spanish. Or: AlexandrO JODOROwsky. And: if someone'd put the psychomagic in music... that's what it is. Ojodoro is a quintet that is a collaboration between members of Eierkoch-Automatic and Suburban Howl. So: a tribute to the director and psychomagist, whose poetry subliminally influences the improvisations of the combo.

The attempt is to merge elements of psycho-folk with the European avant-garde free improvisations; the result is a sonic building made of unusual noises, crackling sounds, obsessive tones and continuous groanings from hell. It is all about “instrumental”: not only musical but material buildings of instruments that sound like... anything. For the uniqueness of these five musician from Italy is they've self-made their cello, built their objects to play, put on an ensemble of drums, kalimba, guitars, saxophones, hosepipes, whistles, and so on... that is quite impressive.
The recordings are and will be the result of convergence rituals, by their very nature captured live.
The circular arrangement of the musicians on stage symbolically represents the cyclical nature of the improvisations that follow one another seamlessly.
Think about an acoustic defragmentation of free-jazz issues, embodied in a non-rhythmic non-digital noise, and clanking sounds from the winds: the language breaks up, the reality goes onto dream, and everything is felt as an utter dystopia. That is, exactly the peak of Ojodoro's poetics, when you cannot move along with anything but an existentialist onomatopoeia.


side A                     side B
B enri........3:07         B1...........5:46 
A2...........12:53         B2)))........2:33
B2ṨṨ..........1:15         A3...........9:46