23 gennaio 2011

Dead Body Collection
split tape
January 2011, c60

Ltd. 18 hand-numbered copies
pictures on cardboard
hand-made tape painting
photo by Lorenzo Chiarofonte
cost 3.50 € - SOLD OUT 

Black side
Wish I could operate on her again

"I still remember her pale face, when she laid down on my dissecting table and the moment when i cut open her milky white stomach and saw the tears in those little eyes...

Wish I could operate on her again"

DBC live at
FEST - 2010,
Venice, Italy
Dr. Alex never goes to a compromise. Dead Body Collection's wall is full, dynamically scratchy, unchanged and monolitic: the minimal variations that characterize the sound in a obscure psychological unfeeling are completely fused with the wall. DBC sins and doesn't repent. Never.

Despite the short time since it works, Dr. Alex's one man project Dead Body Collection is one of the most prolific serbian HNW artists actually operating in the underground: his works, alternating between splits and solo albums, have been released from different labels in tape and cd-r format, always in very limited edition. Previous experience saw Dr. Alex perform in the power electronics/industrial duo [C.T.D.] under the alias of Dr. Aleksandryuki Nenawasetsu together with Dr. Mukawaraya Useitamuro, active since 2008.

Red side
Black bloc

"An ode to the ones that died for their believes, fighting the good fight the right way.

We won't stop until the war is over"

SVARTVIT live at
2009, Netherland
In Svartvit's wall there's no place for imagination: his sound is a concentrate of violence that never leaves your mind free, raw but defined, static and fluid at the same time, with a sonorous and compact base. The perfect soundtrack to react and riot against the fakest democracies the West has ever known.

Svartvit is a project founded in Netherlands by Kevin Jansen in 2008: since this year he released his works in tapes and cd-r through various labels and appeared in a compilation. In the near future he's going to release two more tapes, one 7" and one boxset. He has also released sounds under the names UN (minimalist HNW) and Teenage Arsonist (cut up harsh noise). Svartvit is equally influenced by The Rita (HNW project) and old school hardcore-punk. Themes involve personal grudges, socio-political views, nihilism, the process of destruction and the world after apocalypse. On this release he only occupied various empty tape players and a mixer, delving deep into every bit of electronic hiss to create a crunchy wall with a lo-fi feeling.