29 dicembre 2010

"Bosco Sacro"
mini album
December 2011, 3'' cd-r

Ltd. 20 numbered copies

pictures on cardboard
artwork by Francesca Albarello
cost 4 € -

Performed through electric guitar sounds distortions and feedbacks, contact mic overloads and synthesizer, “Bosco Sacro”, Italian definition for “sacred grove”, is a tribute to global mystery cults and their ecstatic aspects: first two tracks, “Nemeton” and “Temenos”, refers to the ancient west tradition of Celts and Greeks, while “Devarakadus” and “杜”, third and fourth tracks, are linked to the oriental Indian and Japanese tree cults. Reactivated and interpreted even according to Bey’s “Temporary Autonomous Zones”, the sacred spaces as forests, glades and springs Enorches refers to are connected to mystical and pagan cults and their relationship to natural elements.

ENORCHES live at Lazzaretto Occupato
2009, Bologna
Enorches is the project through which the italian Daniele Tripone signs his most mystical inspired sounds. The greek word “enorches” means “with testicles”, and it is one of the epithets reported to the grecian god Dionysus, erroneously considerate only as the god of wine: the image of Dionysus Enorches refers to is intead the wrathful and shamanic god connected to Nature, Chaos and all the vital instincts that modern society attempts to suppress. Even if inspired by these themes, anyway, Enorches’ noise is not the mere reproduction of these ones: his sound is instinctive (dionisyac), performed without using any digital instruments in order to regain the corporal element denied by technology. This aesthetic matured along the time: always fascinated by mysticism and exoterism, Daniele started his noise experience as PPP in 2008, and only after a while and without any planning the project naturally “evolved” and took the colours of greek-roman pagan mythology and religion.

Tapemancy Rec.
Actually Daniele runs Tapemancy Recordings, underground label settled in Bologna focused on releasing tapes and music connected with sacred thematic: each item he releases comes in a very limited edition and in an elegant and effective packaging.

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