27 luglio 2012

Cain Arbour / Gioventù Suicida Studentesca

split tape
summer 2012, c60

Ltd. 50 copies
pictures on cardboard in plastic bag, handmade tape decoration with papers and black paint
artwork by TISBOR
cost 6 €

Cain Arbour's sperm was planted some time ago grinding a rail in Veneto (true diocan style).  Incubated in Milan where digital nerdiness has started to melt into analog masturbation. Finally C.A. come to life in Turin, in 2007, under a dead cowgirl. First work "Gallus Sinae" was spit out in 2009, then all the shit came out in the second work "Fisting His Corpse".

Cain Arbour live at Taurus
Ciriè (Italy), 24th October 2009 
First song of this split, “Fisting his corpse” was recorded live in 2009/2010, spilled during the live at the Pasolini Tribute Night at Regio Manicomio in Turin: “Regio Manicomio” organization of industrial, noise & metal events organization was take to life by C.A. & friends, but now’s dead and rotted. Last two “Fastidio”’s tracks are played in the sign of pure and violent P.E. tradition: “L'influsso della ripetitivita' quotidiana nel senso orgiastico di una sessualita' deviate” starts immediately with minimal and effective repetitions of distorted sounds, creating an atmosphere broken just by sudden few screamed and effected vocals, almost unnoticed and well amalgamated with the background. The sound slowly increase, noise become louder and saturated, turning into a compact wall cracked by raw feedbacks. The song slowly decrease and let the second one “Mangia le interiora putride di quella vacca di tua madre” to grow heavy and dirt: here the noise wall is presented from the beginning, giving no breath to the listener until it’s over. Loops and repetitions, screamed vocals, obscure percussions. C.A.’s music and his anger are one.

And then nothing more till now: all the anger was shitted out, or C.A. really doesn’t fucking care.

C.A.'s soundcloud page

Gioventù Suicida Studentesca. Electronics, TV loops, dark atmospheres combined with synthesized rhytmics. A well-know dose of tragic tunes involved with ironic intent to show off Italy’s worst  characters.

"Musiche per un Popolo all'Ultimo Grido"
 out in April 2011
Deserted Factory Records (Japan)
After the releasing of “Musiche per un popolo all’ultimo grido” (out with Deserted Factory in 2012), G.S.S. presents here once again his mix of industrial atmospheres with modern electronics technologies: his use of Italian TV extracts was already present in his past works (“Lovely Happy Italy” for Deserted Factory, 2007, and the split with Dyskinesia for Scorze Records, 2011), as well as his ironic approach.

Loops and repetitive TV dialogues excerpt are the ingredients for “Anime disabili”, where after a while cadenced rhythm accompanies the end of the song. Then, dark atmospheres introduces the compact shots of “Selvaggerie”, one with screamed and effected vocal loops. Third track, “The very love song”, brings the work to more dirty noise atmospheres, emerging from a slow and slimy bottom of electronic synths. But the climax is granted by “Very porcoddio style”: the song summarizes all the past ones, reaffirming the same techniques of composition through a raw noise inserts, loops and electronic rhythms.

G.S.S.' facebook profile