30 gennaio 2013

Quinto Livello Sotterraneo / Using A Cold Knife

January 2013, cd-r

Ltd. 30 hand-numbered copies
Pictures on cardboard + NITCH! zine special issue

cost 5€

It is always difficult to talk about one’s personal projects. Especially when time has passed. And especially when the band is now disbanded. It seems not to make so much sense to speak about something gone, but there are records, there are photos, and there is a shared memory that sometimes remembers me it is a wound not yet healed.

Using A Cold Knife’s demo cd-r was the first cd-r I ever released with Scorze Records, about three years ago or something. The cd-r was atteached to Scorze art-zine. A second number of this zine never saw the light. Quinto Livello Sotterraneo were formed about in the same period. The songs of this split are the only recordings they ever realized. Both bands thought to be the expression of a similar feeling, even if expressed in different ways. Both bands needed an escape from the boredom the province of Rome exudes. Both the bands would be disbanded in less than a couple of years, leaving behind few live shows and few recordings, as fulfillment of a inner sense of failure.

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