02 maggio 2013

Deviated Sister TV / Positive Adjustments
"Orchestral Fractures In The Dark"

April 2013, c40

Ltd. 50 hand-numbered copies
Tape case decoration with black silicone + insert

cost 4.50€

The roots of this split/collaboration between the italians DEVIATED SISTER TV and Krister Bergman’s power-electronics project POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS are deep in what they call “a macabre passion for true crime, murder, mental illness, pathological deviations”. It can be said there’s a sort of obscure alchemy spurring these two realities to work side by side: since it’s first steps, DSTV’s label “Murderabilia” released with Krister Bergman several issues - “The Molalla Tapes”, "Sprouts And Memories" split with K2, and Bergman’s latest project DEMONS THAT DROVE.

Positive Adjustments
"The Molalla Tapes"
Murderabilia records
June 2012

With a style we already appreciated in these past releases, in his side of this split Krister Bergman combines harsh-noise sounds with power-electronics atmospheres, as testified in the first two tracks “You Are All Insane” and “Ruination”. Concluding this second side, “Letters from September 2008”, a violent and obscure sound assault Krister developed using some letters he had from the serial killer A. J. Shawcross. Once again, the obsession for true crimes PA already showed with “The Molalla Tapes” is evident.

First DSTV release
split w/Toby Dammit
2007, Turgid Animal Records

We can find the same kind of obsession soaking the three tracks in DSTV side: the opening percussive pattern of “Unconscious Death” is dense, costant, and both with the distorted lyrics, hopeless trademark of Murderabilia Family, introduce the listener to the gloomy and abrasive “Torture Chamber Caravan”, inspired to the case of the cross-country killer R. B. Rhodes. The variable drone of “Purify” closes this collection of human deviations.

Not over. Not yet.

“Parade Of The Grotesque” is the track that seals friendship and mutual respect Mario&Alice and Krister have towards their respective projects. Once again sharing their common obsession, they worked together to create a track involved with one of the most famous case of italian true crime: 

It was very simple, because we have a very similar approach to the noise sound. Hence the idea to create a track that definitely consecrate the union of our artistic projects: “Parade of the Grotesque”, in which Krister took care of the music and we, starting from the title decided by him, created the lyrics and the vocals. That title brought our mind to the painting erroneously attributed to Pacciani "Un sogno di fatascienza"… and it seemed like the perfect theme, because we also share with Krister the macabre "passion" (if it can be defined) for the true crime. Surely this collaboration was a great experience and we are sure that it will be repeated in the future.

“Parade Of The Grotesque” combines PA noise assaults with DSTV use of samples and distorted lyrics, a perfect conjunction between two different projects which built together their collaboration. We can definitevely say there’s a sort of common alchemy keeping these artists work together.